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VictorsPath exists to empower cancer patients and caregivers during the cancer journey. We passionately believe you can choose to step into victory during the journey – not just survive through it!   – Read More Here –

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How It All Began...

In 2018, Cory had a tumor the size of a football in his chest. He was a week away from a massive stroke and given only 30 days to live. "You watch my God do a miracle" Cory told his Doctor as she gave the cancer diagnosis. Cory had a miraculous healing encounter with Jesus and halfway through treatment, a scan showed the cancer to be completely gone!   – Read More Of Our Story Here –

Cory and Chelsie receive news that Cory is cancer free!

Through the cancer journey, Cory and Chelsie had no solid Christ-centered faith-filled holistic cancer resources so they had to do all the research, connecting and learning on their own. Now with all their gained experience, knowledge and resources, Cory and Chelsie are on a mission to help others walking out their own cancer journey by providing coaching in faith, whole-body wellness & mindset. 

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