About VictorsPath

The Vision

VictorsPath was founded in 2018, when Cory & Chelsie were walking through their cancer journey– Cory fighting for his life & Chelsie caregiving full-time. 

Being thrown into such a life changing whirlwind, we started to re-assess what truly matters and holds importance in this life. We sought out God and His will more than ever before. Cory would regularly pray and tell God that if his life was saved, He would go where God wanted him to go and do whatever God asked him to step into.

VictorsPath was God's answer to that prayer.

We started VictorsPath because when we were thrown into the cancer battle—we couldn’t find anything that had a similar stance as we did. Being believers and the holistic/naturopathic type of people, we were looking for resources that offered guidance, training and help in the areas of faith, mindset & body.

We were literally thrown into the fight and we partnered and depended on the Lord to help and guide us along the way to healing.

Through our own experience, research and efforts, we learned how to build a victorious mindset, how to pray the Word of God with faith, authenticity and power, we discovered natural remedies and chemo hacks, we found holistic practitioners who immensely helped with healing and much more.

Our goal is to flip the script on the cancer journey! The word ‘cancer’ comes with such a negative connotation and we have seen first-hand how it can cause mental weakness, shame, depression, isolation & even a “victim minded” mentality— which is all the exact opposite of what is needed to fight it. Being aware of the labels we took on and words we spoke over ourselves was of the utmost importance. (Prov. 18:21)

As believers, we know that Jesus has already gone before us and won the battle— and as Co-Heirs with Christ, we have been given the authority and power in Him to declare Victory over our circumstance.

At VictorsPath, we help others by combining both a Victory mindset and specific Pathways focusing on Faith, Mindset & Body while on their own personal journey toward victory over cancer.

Behind The Name

Once Cory’s treatment was finished and we received the news that the cancer was completely gone, we started making plans to build and launch the new business. During one of our evening drives along the San Diego coastline, we started discussing what we would name the business:

Chelsie started talking about how she wished there were pathways and Christ-centered resources available to us when we needed them. Guidance when we were thrown into the whirlwind of the cancer battle.

We also chatted about how the label “cancer survivor” wasn’t something we wanted to subscribe to because it has a negative connotation. We had just made it through the most life-changing, difficult season we had ever walked through and claiming the title of ‘survivor’ just felt like we were handed a t-shirt after finishing a rollercoaster at a theme park. The cancer journey is SO MUCH MORE than that and we didn’t want to receive and claim a title that didn’t give Jesus the glory and point to Him. We are not victims- but VICTORS in and through Jesus Christ. So we took the title “A Victor Over Cancer” added to our passion for providing pathways for others towards victory over cancer, we chose the name ‘VictorsPath’ for our business.

"It's not survival- it's Victory!"
Cory and Chelsie Micek - Founders of VictorsPath
“But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Cor. 15:57

Our Mission

Cory serving the cancer patients and caregivers at VictorsPath

VictorsPath exists to equip, empower & encourage those who have been given a cancer diagnosis and want to see victory over cancer.

With powerful prayer, victorious language and a positive mindset, we believe that a diagnosis isn’t a death sentence.

With everyone we have the honor of working with– those who are battling cancer or caregiving– we prioritize our 6 pillars: 

  • Christ-Centered Focus
  • Powerful Prayer
  • Victorious Language
  • Strong Mindset
  • Improved Nutrition
  • Lifestyle Wellness

Our Core Values

Courage, Expectation & Vision

Courage : We believe God is with us. He has always been faithful and always will be so we choose to be strong and courageous through the cancer battle! (Joshua 1:9)

Expectation : We are expectant of God to move in our life. To see the miraculous. To see healing. To see improved health. We choose to trust in Jesus–  that we will see victory over cancer and any other obstacle we face in His mighty name. (Luke 18:27)

Vision : We partner with God and believe that He has a a plan for us. That He has plans for good, to give us a future and a hope. We set our vision and purpose; we trust God to lead us to it. (Jeremiah 29:11)

These are the values we uphold when we partner with you during your cancer battle!

Who Do We Work With?

At VictorsPath, our passion, privilege and honor is to partner and work with:

  • Anyone who has been given a cancer diagnosis and is seeking Christ-centered help and guidance, holistic resources & community support
  • Caregivers of those who have been given a diagnosis and are seeking help and direction in how to best care for their loved one/friend
  • Anyone who is committed and determined to fight–  who truly desires to see their victory over cancer
  • Those who are willing to take action and implement healthy and sustainable changes/additions for their health.
  • Those who are willing to keep an open mind and heart– to stay teachable and receptive.

If this sounds like you and you said “Yes!” to most of these, we would absolutely love to partner with you and serve you during your cancer journey! Follow the link below to get started!