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I was diagnosed on August 11, 2018 with Mediastinal B-Cell Lymphoma.

I had a tumor the size of a football just above my heart, wrapped around my SVC (superior vena cava) and it was keeping the blood in my upper body from draining back down through my heart.

I was told I had 30 (yes, THIRTY) days to live and only one week from a MASSIVE stroke.

Over the course of a week, my head, neck and shoulders became completely swollen.

I thought it was allergies.

That week I progressively got more and more swollen and I would easily get light headed when I'd bend down to pick things up or tie my shoes.

The tumor that was wrapped around my SVC was cutting off the blood flow from my upper body and causing the blood to pool above my heart.

Surgery wasn't an option due to the location of the tumor.

Chemo was not an easy decision to make.

My Wife and I were extremely against chemotherapy and radiation. We have always been very passionate about holistic health and have always preferred natural remedies over western medicine.

We were well aware of the poisonous toxicity that chemotherapy subjects the body to and how it can not only cause permanent damage to the body and internal organs but how it destroys the immune system during treatment. So we were extremely hesitant to jump on the 'chemo train' at the urging of our doctor.

The short version is that we spent a week in fierce and faith-filled prayer believing for a miracle. When it was time to make a decision on chemo, we prayed for direction on how we should attack the cancer. Since I was given only 30 days to live and we were short on time, we asked the Lord to give us confirmations through three people. Sure enough, within the next 12 hours, three of our mentors/leaders visited and confirmed this to us without knowing what we had prayed for.

...and throughout the treatment we saw the absolute miraculous.

(Head on over to Our Story to read more on why we chose chemotherapy)

This has also made us passionate about not telling people how to approach treatment. We all choose to fight cancer in different ways- we are here to guide you through different pathways to partner with your mind, body & faith no matter the route you choose to take in attacking the cancer. 

My Doctor's plan of care was 8 rounds of chemotherapy.

Each round was 6 straight days admitted in the hospital then 2 weeks at home.

During those 6 days in the hospital, I was hooked up via chest port to 24-hour bags of chemo without any breaks in-between bags. I received a total of 3 different types of chemo each round.

After my 3rd round of chemo, my doctor down-graded the amount of chemo rounds to a total of 6.

You can learn more about that on the Our Story page.


At diagnosis, my doctor wanted to include radiation in my care plan if the tumor didn't respond to the chemotherapy.

Even though we ended up going through with the chemo, I knew radiation was something I definitely was not going to do no matter the outcome– for many reasons.

Again, I want to reiterate that the way I chose to attack the cancer may be different from others. I will never tell anyone how to approach treatment. We all choose to fight cancer in different ways- we are here to guide you through different pathways to partner with your mind, body & faith no matter the route you choose to take in attacking the cancer.